Acoustic Recording Service

mobile recording service | mastering service


2x Benchmarkmedia DAC1 / Link Velox silver interconnect / Bryston 3BSST of 875HT (surround) / Link Korund speaker cable / 2 to 6x Link K50 loudspeakers

Headphones: 2x Sennheiser HE60/HEV70 electrostatics / 1x HD580 + 2x HD 650 through 2x Benchmarkmedia DAC1

Metering : Pinguin PG AM4.1 pro (hires option) / Hofa VST plugins



Sennheiser MKH800 twin / MKH800 / MKH80 / MKH40 / MKH30 / MKH20

Sonodore CCM-65 omnis

Royer SF12 stereo coincident dynamic ribbon mic

Royer SF1 ribbon mics

Schoeps CCM2/MK2 omnis

DPA (B&K) en Neumann on request only.


Mic preamplifiers:

Gracedesign m802 8ch mic pre + AD option

2x Gracedesign 801R 8ch mic pre

TLaudio pentode valve preamp

Symetrix 302


24 channel AD/DA conversion:

3x Soundscape IO896 24bit/96KHz ADDA (Designed for Soundscape by Apogee)

Gracedesign 8ch AD option

Solid State Logic 64-MADI-SA 48ch IO



2x Soundscape V7.2 + mixpander9 DSP card (64 track 96KHz/24bit)

1x Soundscape V7.2 MX4 system (128 input, 256 track)

2x Pyramix native editing/recording systems

Bricasti M7 reverb

TC Electronics reverb

Pristine Space (surround) sampling reverb (Concertgebouw, Concertgebouw Brugge, Studio4/Flagey, Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel ...)


Editing&CD mastering are done in our editing room, very quiet&acoustically treated (below NRC 15) and possibility to do a surround mix.

For SACD authoring we gladly refer you to Polyhymnia International (The Netherlands).